Watching the TV in front of the fire

After a long day at work, there is nothing quite like spending time watching my favorite TV shows, warming my feet next to my wood stove. Being on my feet constantly takes its toll on my body and relaxation is certainly the way forward.

Yesterday evening, for example, it was pouring down with rain outside, I was quite enjoying just sitting there in silence with the warm glow of flames, listening to the pitter patter as the rain drops hit the roof.

I enjoy my Fridays especially. I rarely get more than a day off, but last Friday I was well aware that whilst sitting on the couch, I have the whole weekend to myself. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love my job, in fact it’s a dream job, but having some time to yourself works wonders on your morale, and it’s this alone time that ensures i’m able to face the week full of positive vibes, and hopefully an increase in productivity.

As I was sitting down, curling up by the fireplace, fully aware of the nice long weekend ahead of me, I begun to find a decent book to read. Outside the regular fashion magazines like Vogue, and ELLE, I’m not normally much of a reader. Up until recently that is. But in the past few months, especially over the colder, winter evenings, I have appreciated both the warmth of my wood stove, and the story lines of various novels on my bookcase.

Now that winter is over, I will be cleaning the fireplace out simply because the soot on the chimney is not a great look. Not only that, but I can’t see myself using any form of heating device in the summer. This is because work goes into overload, and I’m completely overwhelmed with new magazine issue releases, blogging, designing, and plenty of other things. All the more reason to take a moment and enjoy the down time.