Finishing touches to the bathroom

Like the back yard, there is plenty of work still to be done on the upstairs bathroom. It doesn’t quite radiate the look and feel I was going for several years back when I first designed it. I believe this can be attributed to various things such as the toilet and bath tub looking a bit dated, and the walls not catching the light the way I wanted.

So to overcome this, I’ve decided to make some positive changes, that will bring my vision to life. In other words, out with the old, in with the new. There are many things my bathroom lacks, and that includes a mirror, wish is probably shocking to hear considering I work in fashion and appearance and presentation is very important. I do have a large mirror in my bedroom, but having one in the bathroom is just far more convenient, especially when getting out of the shower to do your hair.

The plan is to modernize everything and combine it with a lick of bright colors that will make it look far more inviting than it currently is. Whether that means painting the walls and getting rid of the old dark tiles, is another thing, but I do know, the old square base toilet has got to go. So, after conducting several hours of research into the best toilets on The toilet throne website and, I have found a good match that looks fantastic and comes with an elongated bowl and doesn’t have a bulky feel to it, which was one of my hang ups previously.

According to my father, it’s got a good flushing system installed that doesn’t use a lot of water too. I guess that’s as great an extra as any.

The bath tub currently is square and a horrid green color, attached to the wall. This will be completely replaced with a standalone tub that’s white and more of an oval shape. Once I clear all the fixtures out of the way, It will be put in the center of the room, which is something you’ll find in modern bathroom designs.

Whatever paint color I end up choosing for the walls, I know it’s going to be bright, and the flooring will be torn up and replaced with wooden oak floorboards. I love the light walls, wooden floor combo, they are so complimentary to each other.

How well this works, I don’t know. I’m not exactly a builder, but one things for sure, it’s going to beat the current design by miles.

2 thoughts on “Finishing touches to the bathroom

  1. I feel your pain! For too long I’ve been decorating my bathroom, trying to get the right look, but i’m still no closer than I was a few years back. it’s not as simple as it sounds. all the features have to compliment each other, and with the amount of stuff in there, that’s difficult.

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