Designing my back yard

As a fashion enthusiast, I take pride in my appearance. But sometimes I forget to take pride in other important parts of my life. For example, the back yard is in a terrible state. Over winter, the grass has become overgrown, bushes and trees unkempt, and the patio decking needs painting and repairs. If only I had the spare cash to throw at a gardener to do the majority of those tasks for me. Wouldn’t that be something!

Unfortunately, it’s looking more and more likely I will be buying a new pole saw using those researched here as a guide. Not much of a DIY enthusiast myself,  my cousin told me about various pruning tools that could make life easier for myself when I get round to cutting the trees back. I told him it’s a shame you couldn’t cut them back yourself! But to no avail, this is something I’m just going to have to roll my sleeves up for and do myself.

I hate the garden. That’s not something that’s not unknown judging by my tone above. The the mud, dirt, and insects that go side by side with any tasks associated with it is enough to put any fashionista off. However, I’ve put on some of my old clothes, and made a start, putting my Greenworks pole saw to good use.

Pruning, and trimming back branches with this power tool is actually easier than what I thought it was going to be. However, cutting back the hedges I found the shears were better in order to keep a straight, well kept line.

The patio repairs and painting is on my to do list, once I get the paint and varnish delivered, and the wood on the steps leading up to it, is not something that will be completed anytime soon. However, the majority of the things making the garden look ugly have been dealt with and it’s breathed fresh life and color into it that I forgot it had.

One thought on “Designing my back yard

  1. I get my husband to do most of the yard work for me. I am lucky in that sense lol. look on the brightside, once it’s completed you can be proud of your hard work!

    see you soon, joan

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